Council Should Cough Up Private Funds



I'd like to think that most Payson residents are socially responsible, and along that line, contribute to causes they feel merit their funds. Altruistic paternalism is not a mission of the Town Council, nor should it ever be. I believe some intelligent life also exists elsewhere in this town, and that those individuals are quite capable of making their own charitable decisions

My wife and I have already contributed to the fund through The Arizona Republic matching program. That is a private program, not 50-percent paid-for by taxpayers. We are also giving to Andy Biesemeyer's hospital fund. His cause is more deserving, in my book, because it's closer to home, and the perceived need greater.

If the members of the Town Council are truly serious about such a fund, perhaps they should cough up the $10,000 seed money out of their personal funds, and use that for an incentive. Wouldn't that be exciting!

J. B. Shevli

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