Rear-View Mirror Is A Valuable Tool



In the rear-view mirror, you should be able to see the past in order to recognize mistakes and make corrections to provide for a better present and future. There is nothing negative about doing that, and if it can be done with a small group of dedicated people, it will be better for all.

We seem to have a self-proclaimed expert on "positive thinking" whose vision is so clouded that he can't or won't use his illustrious marketing career experience to recognize and improve the long lingering deficiencies in this town. He seems willing to sacrifice any solution for this by completely avoiding this festering problem and supporting only the easily sold "wants."

I would like to know how he concludes that the majority of people are in favor of the Main Street redevelopment when so many voices are raised against the premature project. He also seems to think that 99 percent of the people agree with his form of positive thinking and CAC's 1 percent is the only disagreeing factor.

If he were truly interested in the townspeople, he would investigate all the negative events that got the "cart" so far ahead of the "horse." This can only be found by looking in his disposed rear-view mirror.

Anyone else who takes the position of advocating cosmetic projects, and others, subsidized with taxpayer money, are refusing to have consideration for long neglected infrastructure upgrades that should be first in line.

There is a certain group of people who are working diligently to discredit CAC. It is very obvious from their letters that they don't know what's happening. They should attend some CAC meetings and read some literature to acquaint themselves with the true facts.

This organization is not, as charged, a no-growth group. But it has worked to encourage government actions that tried to include a vision that could have prevented the hazardous water problem we now have.

The search for more water cannot be allowed to threaten the lifestyle and property of any existing area citizens for the sake of more growth. Population limitations and resources are directly related, and approval of expansion beyond that resource limit is inexcusable.

Jack Jasper

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