What's Up?


Q: What caused the power outage last Sunday night for four hours in Pine?

A: According to Arizona Public Service Manager Jim Spencer, the outage, which also affected Strawberry, was caused by the failure of a connector on an overhead three-phase, 21-volt line. "A crew was needed to repair it," Spencer said, and the long delay in restoring service occurred because that crew's truck broke down between Payson and Pine. About 4,000 customers were affected.

Q: What's up with the rumor that they are putting in a dirt bike or ATV track on Forest Service land near Paiute Draw off Houston Mesa Road? Is there any truth to it?

A: "What we're up to is trying to work with the motocross-kind-of folks in Payson to eventually reduce the impact of those vehicles in the Houston Creek area of Star Valley," says Walt Thole of the Payson Ranger Station. "We've met with some of them and we're looking at a potential motorized trail loop that would be off Paiute Draw Road, going north on another old road," Thole said. "We're not really sure how it's going to come back, but we're looking at an old post area out there."

But don't expect to take a spin on the loop anytime soon. First, Thole says, they have to determine if the "user group" is really interested in "using" such a facility. Then they need to find some existing trails that might make a loop. Then, if they determine "there is something out there to work with," they'll issue a press release and mail out a scoping letter inviting people in the area to provide input.

"We realize there are other activities out there, and that we have to work with their issues too," Thole said.

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