America To See A "Transformation"



About three years ago, Dr. Charles Stanley made a talk titled, "America gone astray," and it is documented on tape. It was done with love and no condemnation ... There is no way that the ones who lost their lives and loved ones who perished in the World Trade Center bombing were paying for the sins of America. No way.

There was only one person who died for all of our sins over 2,000 years ago.

As the result of this calamity, America will see a transformation in the lives of the Americans that you cannot fathom.

You will see a spiritual awakening ... You will see the ACLU losing its power and taking a back seat and keeping its mouth shut. You will see less activity in the abortion clinics. You will see the Ten Commandments restored in public places. You will see moments of silent prayer allowed in our school systems. You will someday see a reversal of Roe vs. Wade. You will see the churches of America overflowing with people coming back to God. You will see a spiritual change and attitude among our youth. You will see God exemplified in all His glory.

What more could one ask?

Spud Henr

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