Doctors Expect Graziano To Make Full Recovery


Steve Graziano, who was literally buried alive under a pile of cinders Sept. 28, is recuperating at Scottsdale Healthcare hospital.

"He wants out of the hospital," his wife, Susan, said Monday.

That is a request which will not be fulfilled for at least two more weeks.

Doctors continue to monitor his left foot after it was taken off in the accident. It has been reattached, however, Graziano is facing the loss of four of his toes, his wife said.

He is now able to sit in a wheelchair for 45 minutes a day, but is still in pain due to all the other injuries suffered.

"Doctors feel that he will make a full recovery, but it could take a year," his wife said.

She said her husband is thankful to be alive and knows that had it not been for the efforts of the firefighters and others on scene, he may have died.

"He has been overwhelmed by all the support," she said.

Mrs. Graziano said she also was grateful for the photographs and story in the newspaper, which allowed her family in California and New York to log onto the Roundup's website and fully understand how the accident happened.

However, she asks that, for now, phone calls to him at the hospital be held until he has more time to heal.

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