Join The Fight Against Terror: Become A Sidewalk Soldier


As America wades deeper into the waters of war, we are training ourselves to be more careful and more alert to what surely are imminent terrorist attacks on our homeland.

Security has been dramatically increased throughout the country at places we can logically assume are targets nuclear power plants, federal buildings, stadiums and anywhere else the enemy can create terror.

Law enforcement and security personnel are on the lookout for suspicious behavior of any kind.

The American public can play a vital and lifesaving role in this effort that can be called the largest neighborhood watch every created.

But as we look over our shoulders and around corners, we also know we will pay a price during this war.

We'll pay a price in convenience as we wait in lines at security checkpoints.

We'll pay a price in privacy as we allow security personnel to search our luggage and vehicles.

And regrettably, we'll pay a price in lives, both military and civilian.

But we do not need to pay an exorbitant price in fear. We can be careful and alert without being paranoid and immobilized.

Let us be sidewalk soldiers and defy the terrorist by stepping out and living our lives. Let us bravely continue to travel, shop, attend sporting events and do our part to keep America strong.

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