Q: When will the repair and resurfacing of Highway 87 be completed? They've chewed up the road and it's been that way for a long time.

A: The hot rubber plant that is the key to the operation is on its way. Unfortunately, because of the delays in getting it here, the Arizona Department of Transportation will only be able to pave the Beeline through Payson this fall, and will have to pave both day and night instead of just nighttime hours as ADOT Traffic Engineering Specialist David Gerlach had hoped.

"We hope to start Sunday, Oct. 14, and be done by the 18th," Gerlach said. "We'll do the actual paving on the 17th and restripe on the 17th and 18th."

To minimize delays, Gerlach said the outside lanes, which are used more frequently, will be paved at night, with the inside lanes paved during the day.

The portion of Highway 87 between Payson and Pine will be resurfaced next year.

Q: What's up with the weeds around all the schools? They're waist high. This morning, I saw an elderly lady trying to pull weeds out at Julia Randall Elementary. The maintenance around the schools has just been bad news.

A: According to PUSD Director of Support Operations Joe Martin, ongoing maintenance of school grounds is the responsibility of the day maintenance person at each elementary school. That individual reports to the principal.

But the district normally helps out by providing some prep weed control during the summer, and therein may lie the problem. Because of the new school calendar, Martin said, "we had a shorter summer and we weren't able to do the prep work we normally do."

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