Citizens Have Right To Express Opinions



I found one of the articles in the Oct. 5 issue of your paper to be very disturbing. Namely, "Town manager defends 'duck' call to activist."

As citizens of Payson, each of us has the right to express our opinion in regard to any actual or perceived problem facing our city. And, as such, we should be able to expound on our position without being challenged by City Hall or our Council members. From a personal viewpoint, if I had received this phone call, I would have taken umbrage.

And, I might point out that even though the Arizona Department of Game and Fish thins out the current flock of ducks, I can assure you that within the next two or three weeks, your Green Valley Park lakes will be filled to capacity with Canada Geese and this is a problem that you will have to live with, as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife takes a very dim view of anyone disturbing our northern visitors.

C.M. Henline


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