Constable Gets Two Assistants


by Jim Keyworth

roundup staff reporter

Gila County Constable Eddie Armer can now take a vacation, and it won't cost taxpayers a penny.

Armer, who has been performing the constable's duties singlehandedly is finally getting some assistance two assistants to be exact. The Gila County Board of Supervisors approved two deputy constables to help Armer serve summonses and other legal documents at its Oct. 2 meeting in Globe.

"One is Pam Couch, my secretary, so when I try to serve someone who isn't home, I can leave my card and they can just come in and pick up the papers," Armer said. Before she wasn't allowed to serve papers.

The other new deputy constable is David Palmateer, a former sergeant with the jail division of the Gila County Sheriff's Department.

Because Couch is already on the payroll and Palmateer is volunteering his services, the new positions will not cost the county anything.

Besides the Town of Payson, Armer's service area reaches to the top of the Rim on both Highway 87 and Highway 260, and includes both Young and Tonto Basin.

In other action, the supervisors authorized an application for a grant that would fund the Payson Senior Center's transportation program. With a 25-percent match by the county, the grant is worth almost $33,000.

"If approved, and we think it will be, the money will go to keep the current transportation program going," Steve Sanders, manager of the Gila County Engineering Department, said. "It will be used for drivers' salaries and training, insurance, fuel, maintenance and those kinds of expenses."

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