It's Time To Fight Terrorism At Home


As the United States faces the threat of terrorists, it also must address the terror men and women face daily when it comes to domestic violence.

The death of Susan Birchack this week may or may not have been related to domestic violence. That depends on how you read the letter of the law as it spells out criminal acts and their relationship to domestic violence.

Only insiders, or Birchack herself, know what her relationship was with the monster who is suspected in her brutal death.

Hopefully her death will be a wake-up call to those who live with an abuser, male or female.

Court records show a large number of abuse victims who file an order of protection against their abuser, drop that order within 48 hours of their abuser being released from jail and asking for forgiveness.

The Arizona legal system has gone to great lengths to protect victims of domestic violence.

We, as neighbors, friends and relatives must do our part to protect the victim who is sometimes too terrified to call for help. We, who hear it, see it or have any knowledge of it, must do our part and contact the authorities.

Any police officer will tell you he would rather go to a residence and peacefully resolve a domestic dispute and separate the parties involved, than walk into a home and find a physically battered or dead man, woman or child.

There is help available for the victim and the abuser; let the system do its job.

October is domestic violence awareness month.

May the senseless death of Susan Birchack move the Rim country to crusade against domestic violence.

Charlene Hunt, reporter

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