Media Are Becoming Second-Tier Terrorists



I fully recognize the frustration of the national media in not being able to put reporters in the theater of war. After covering years of conflict with "on the scene" actions for the nightly newscasts, this new war on terrorism must be a bitter pill for you.

Please be advised that what terrorism tries to do is induce fear in the targeted population. If, with one incident, they can trigger fear and panic across the general population, they have succeeded without any further actions. What they need and rely on is the target area's news media and you are playing right into their game plan.

I cite as my example, the recent anthrax incident in Florida. Stop and think. Would a terrorist, associated with Osama bin Laden target only one company, and that being one that is totally on the fringe of anything that could remotely be construed as connected politically or militarily with their objectives? I don't think so. When the investigation is complete, we will probably find out it was either a disgruntled employee or some external source with a grudge against the tabloids.

However, having no hype to bring to the public, you are guilty of creating that hype. You, everyone of you, are guilty of drawing a straight line from an unwarranted assumption to a foregone conclusion. That is not journalism, it is in fact becoming second tier terrorists yourselves.

I know that, for the most part, the citizen's of this country are not at all versed in NBC/WMD, but you are using their shortcomings to spread fear and panic. I would normally question your motives, but I know that it is to "have something to sell on the newsstands and the nightly TV news." When you can't have bombs and bullets, you create bugs and bacteria.

I ask you, as a citizen of this great county, please stop doing the work for global terrorism. Creating fear and panic is never justified. Use your place in America to bring unity and confidence in the nation's citizens.

Chuck Heron


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