Dear President Bush:

I'm a girl. I'm in second grade in PES. I live in Payson, AZ, I like to ride my bike. My dad is the manager of the bank. My mom babysits. One of my sisters is in college. I'm proud to be an American. I love to live in America. Do you like being the President? I'm glad you are the president. I'm sad that this happened. Many people and firefighters and police officers died.

I'm sad the twin towers collapsed. I hope there are no more wars. I wish that you could help stop the wars. I was sad when this happened. I hope that we are all safe. I'm sad that so many of the people died. I can help other people even if I am seven years old by giving them money, doing what I know is right, and being responsible for what I do. I could send a toy to some one who is hurt.

Your friend,

Katelyn Curtis

Dear President Bush:

I live in Payson, AZ. I am in the second grade. I go to PES that is my school. I have 1 brother, 0 sisters and a mom and dad and a dog. I like to play basketball.

I love America because it is a free country and it's a great place to live.

In school we are making paper flags.

I am in the second grade.

I am sorry about what happened to the world trade center. I hope people still survived. Many police officers and firefighters died.

I wish this wouldn't have happened to the World Trade Center.

I hope America is safe. I hope all the states are safe. I hope this will never happen again. I am only 8 years old, and a boy. I can help America by being a good sport, and I will always tell the truth and I won't fight.

Your friend,

Matt Schwind

Dear President Bush:

I am in second grade.

I am a boy.

I live in Payson, AZ.

My teacher's name is Mrs. Rohrbach.

America is a good place to live. We go to church every day. Did you find the terrorists? I'm sorry the World Trade Center got hit.

Many people died.

I hope that people are good.

Having good character counts. I will do what I know is right.

I can be a good citizen,

I will tell the truth.

Your friend

James Lloyd

Dear President Bush:

I am in second grade.

I live with my mom and dad.

I don't have any brothers or sisters.

I love America.

It is a great place to live.

Do you think it is a great place to live?

America is a free country.

We get to go to church.

New York City was attacked.

I can donate food for the peoples food bank.

I don't fight.

Your friend,

Nicole DeVaney

Dear President Bush:

I am a boy in second grade.

I am brave and can be trusted. I can gather food. I like pizza. I like to play Life. My school is Payson Elementary School.

I love America. It is a safe place to be. America is a free country.

We are free to go to church. I love going to church. I am glad you're the president.

I don't fight. I love Jesus. I'll gather food. and I'll give courage to all the parents to donate blood.

Your friend,

Cameron Romance

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