Q: Why does the Pop Warner League charge parents $6 for player of the week? Why doesn't the Roundup do it as a community service like they do for high school students? And we 400 parents would appreciate an occasional article written about our games.

A: First of all, the local league the Central Arizona Youth Football Association is not affiliated with Pop Warner.

"Our organization has to raise anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 a year for these kids to play football," Eric Santana, president of Payson Youth Football, said. "Every penny is raised by volunteers, and every penny goes into the program."

The Roundup does sponsor the youth football player of the week by paying for 75 percent of the ad as a public service. The reason games are not always covered in the sports section is that it can be difficult to get coaches and parents to call in results on a consistent basis. You'll find the results for last week's games on page 3B of today's issue.

To become a Payson Youth Football sponsor, call Santana at 474-1775.

Q: I know of a Sept. 23 arrest for aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and domestic violence which was not included in the Roundup's police report following that date. Do you pick and choose which ones you want to print?

A: Della Bradley of the Payson Police Department confirmed the arrest was made, but it never got onto the weekly news release.

"The booking sheet didn't get turned in on time to be included on the report," Bradley said. "It was probably still with an officer."

The report in question is issued every Monday and covers the previous week's arrests from Sunday at midnight to Sunday at midnight. When an arrest is made on Sunday evening, it is not unusual for the paperwork to not be available Monday morning when the report is done and sent out to the media. "We have to have the physical paperwork, and we don't go back and pick up the ones we missed," Bradley said.

"If we did, we'd be going back forever."

The Roundup does not withhold any names from the police blotter, except in cases involving sex crimes. Then the name will not be printed unless a conviction is made.

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