Councilmember's Decision Was Made On Facts



This is my response to the absolutely unclear and misleading reporting in your paper regarding the ducks at Green Valley Lake.

I made the motion for the action the town council took based on the testimony of several, but more importantly on the guide to domestic water fowl published by the Arizona Department if Game and Fish. Your reporter has that document, but has not referred to it once in any articles because its easier to keep everyone stirred up with misinformation.

The guide states that domestic fowl should be limited to 0-5 animals per acre. I moved to keep the domestic ducks within that guideline. Five times 13 acres equals 65 ducks/geese. Hardly a mass slaughter should take place with only 70 ducks/ geese.

The guide also states that wild ducks/geese can have their life expectancy shortened by interbreeding with domestic fowl and that viruses and botulism may be spread by these animals. These appear to me as compelling reasons to limit the domestic animals so that we may enjoy the wide variety of wild fowl that visit each year.

In regards to speed limits, there is no factual evidence of car accidents, auto-pedestrian accidents or auto-water fowl accidents. Without this evidence, I could not support a mandatory reduction in speed affecting large portions of Payson.

And contrary to Mr. Estess of Pine, 350 signatures is important and always considered by me. But where did you get the idea that 350 is a majority of citizens, as stated in (his) letter to the editor?

Regarding goose attacks, my 5-year-old daughter is scared to death of the geese, because they have attacked and hurt her twice. Sir, you are no expert even though you lived near a college with a team called the "Ducks".

I do my best to listen to all sides, staff, facts, and weigh this information to decide the best course of action. In this case, emotion and the "cause de jour" is simply beaten by the facts presented by the Arizona Department of Game and Fish.

Kenneth P. Murphy

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