Town Cleanup Should Begin With Water Department



I commend you for at last running a story on the contamination found at the Rumsey Park well site. However, I thought your story was "watered down". These points are so pertinent:

1. That the wells in question represent 60 percent of our town's water supply.

2. That this news, known last November, came as a surprise announcement to our own councilmen at the last council meeting.

3. And, that the source of the contamination is not really known. Apparently our water department hopes to pin it on the well known, older contamination from a south Beeline dry cleaning business, in the hope that the state will pay for cleanup.

I have to agree with Councilman Ken Murphy that the public has a right to know about such an important issue. I believe the town is defensive and secretive about the water problems here. Hiding information in numbers and graphs is unacceptable.

And not telling anyone about this for almost a year was, in my mind, a very political decision. Politics should be taken out of our water department. Let's clean that up first.

Shirley McGeary

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