Candidates Should Have Firm Grasp Of Reality


by Michael G. Parkin


I consider Payson to be one of the best places to live in the United States. We are so fortunate to live here the people are friendly, we have perfect weather, and our surroundings are beautiful. I have lived here two years and believe you can understand why I moved here, and why I remain and plan to remain.

Over the two years, I have not missed reading the weekly letters to the editor. I find them entertaining, and unfortunately at times, very misleading.

One subject that I can expect to see in each week's editorials is some comment regarding water availability. Is there really a water "crisis" in Payson, or is it hysteria? I have not seen one fact, not one, that makes me believe our current or future supply and demand of water is in jeopardy, or anything that makes me believe our water availability is any different than tens of thousands of other cities and towns across the nation. Every city continues to research additional water needs to manage the population that they support this does not represent a crisis; it represents prudent management by elected officials.

I was pleased to read Ray Frost's recent letter to the editor regarding a comparison of Payson water availability from 1980 to now. It was an exceptional letter, and one of the first that I have read in the letters to the editor section that utilized meaningful statistics to voice an opinion.

I truly believe that Payson will experience high levels of growth over the next decade. Where northeastern states and cities will continue to lose population, the Southwest will gain. I recognize the changing demographics of the national population, and believe the forecasts that I have seen. I suppose that since I recognize the favorable characteristics of Payson, and believe in the population demographics, that some people may label me as "pro" growth. Key here is that I am not going to make this growth happen. The positive characteristics of Payson will be what cause it to happen. I support this growth and see it as inevitable. I intend to use my vote to ensure that this growth is managed for the benefit of the community. I have no intentions of voting for a candidate who does not recognize this growth; a candidate who doesn't recognize it has already demonstrated to me that they don't have a firm grasp of the changing environment.

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