Q: The dirt portion of Evergreen between Manzanita and Easy streets is a disgrace. The town is open to potential lawsuits. Doesn't the town have any rights to the right of way? If not, that portion should be barricaded.

A: "The town does not have rights to Evergreen between Easy Street and where the pavement ends up towards Timber," Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett said. "It's a public utility easement only; it's not a roadway easement."

Garrett said it would be a misuse of public funds to maintain private property. Barricading the road would be up to the property owner as well, Garrett said.

"We don't barricade any other private property," he said.

Garrett said this particular road has been an ongoing issue for years and and probably will be until that property develops.

Q: What's going on with Canyon State Ambulance?

A: LifeStar LLC purchased Canyon State Ambulance, effective Sept. 17. The deal was approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In August, Pine Country Communications decided not to provide dispatch services for local emergency agencies.

"We got together with the Payson police and fire departments and other agencies, and Canyon State decided to provide the service," new owner Charlie Smith said. "We hired most of the Pine Country people."

Smith said his people are well trained and that there is "no requirement for CPR certification for this type of dispatching."

Since Canyon State does not provide a 911 dispatch service, all calls come from sheriff, police and fire departments. While Pine Country allowed its employees to sleep and watch TV while at work, Canyon State does not.

"I've called many times and made unannounced visits and never caught anybody sleeping," Smith said.

Future plans Smith has for the company include a new, state-of-the-art dispatch facility that will open at 215 W. Estate Lane by the end of the month and four brand new ambulances.

He also said the Rim country will love the new "look" the company will soon be unveiling.

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