A Donation With Horsepower


Jackie Zumach claims she would not run into a burning building to save anyone. In fact she heralds herself as a coward.

"I don't run into burning buildings. I'm not brave, but I can help the brave," she said.

Anyone who knows her will tell you a different story.

Despite her claims, Zumach felt inspired recently after leaving church to give to the Sept. 11 disaster fund. She searched her soul wondering what she had of great value to give. Zumach knew it had to be something she was willing to sacrifice.

A horse, of course.

A year ago, Zumach had gone to a horse sale with a friend. It was there that Zumach fell in love with a five-month old palomino colt. The two pooled their money and proudly walked away with MJG Double Watch, a colt who comes from championship breeding. Shortly after the sale, Zumach acquired full ownership to MJG.

He was a treasure to have, she said. Over the past 12 months, she has nurtured the steed and watched him grow into a thing of beauty. Zumach has been a horsewoman her entire life. Horses have been her passion.

One of the great qualities about Zumach is her compassion and love of her country. She has felt the pain of those who sacrificed their lives on Sept. 11.

Zumach knew what she had to do. She picked up the phone and called her friend Mary Little, president of the Payson Horsemen's Association, and said that she wanted to donate MJG to the association to be, in turn, auctioned with proceeds going to the World Trade Center fire and policemen families.

Little called Horsebreakers Unlimited in Prescott and made arrangements to have MJG sold to the highest bidder at the Colors of the Fall sale Oct. 27.

MJG is now featured on the Horsebreakers Unlimited website in full color. He will be auctioned to the highest bidder at 12:30 p.m. at Yavapai Downs in Prescott Valley this coming Saturday.

This is not your average horse auction. Breeders and trainers from across the United States bring their young horses to this sale to be showcased.

Zumach is donating the horse through the Payson Horseman's Association as she did not want to draw attention to herself. In fact, she balked at being interviewed and wanted to stay out of the spotlight, but Little convinced her the publicity might help bring a higher price for her young colt.

If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming sale, log onto www.horsebreakers.com, where you can view the more than 100 horses that will be featured at the sale along with MJG.

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