Reader's Opinion Was All Wet



A voter should have a firm grasp of the facts.

This is a rebuttal to Michael Parkin's guest comment of Oct. 19. It seems to me that he, as an enlightened voter, appears to "have not seen one fact" of the Payson water situation. Furthermore, he appears to have had his head in the sand when the water facts were published.

Where was he when the water hit the fan? Obviously, he hasn't seen the Southwest Groundwater Report of 1998 (which cost this town thousands of dollars). Or he never bothered to read this year's water report by our town's hydrologist Mike Plough and Buzz Walker.

Even the newspapers have mentioned the drought of recent years in the Southwest. One can even look at the precipitation chart for Payson of the past seven years to see the drought conditions.

Let's face it, he has only been here two years, and he wants us to believe his opinion on our local water situation. Look, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out the truth about Payson's water. He hasn't been doing his homework. So no more TV for him until he starts mastering those water reports. OK?

Bill Michaelis

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