What Happened To Common Courtesy?



I am appalled and embarrassed by the uncivil, nasty and disrespectful behavior that some citizens demonstrate at the town council meetings.

Thursday night's council meeting was an example of that behavior in the open forum at the beginning of the meeting. I don't blame the council members for ignoring the petitions, threats and caustic comments presented by a small minority of malcontents. These folks are the same handful of folks that continually go up to the podium and make a fuss. I call them the "regulars." Whether they just like being on TV or are running for election next year, they should be respectful.

Then throughout the course of the meeting, there is constant, very rude verbal sniping whenever one of them hears something they don't like. These ill-mannered folks belong on the Jerry Springer Show, not at the council meetings.

I would suggest Mayor Schum begin to enforce rules of civility at the council meetings. Those who do not follow them and are disrespectful need to be escorted out of the meeting by Chief Gordon Gartner. Likewise, those who are compelled to snipe comments aloud need to be reprimanded in public and removed if they continue to be rude.

Let's restore civility to town council meetings.

Louis R. Adams

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