A Good Night's Sleep


When it comes to their love of the great outdoors, most folks can generally be divided into three distinct groups.

1. Those who can't get enough of the wilderness;

2. Those who prefer to never leave the comforts of home;

3. The in-betweeners, who enjoy nothing more than communing with nature, but enjoy nothing less than sleeping on the cold, hard ground as insects and other decidedly nondomestic critters invade their personal territory.

No matter which group claims you as a member with the exception of No. 2, perhaps you're certain to become a fan of Arizona Huts.

This assembly of six privately-owned cabins in the Mogollon Rim and Arizona Trail areas is available to everyone from experienced hikers, backpackers and mountain bikers to moseying families. The cabins provide access to a wide variety of trails with varying difficulty levels and mountain vistas with varying levels of eye-popping beauty ... not to mention a warm meal, hot shower and soft bed at night.

Serviced by Terra Trek of Phoenix, each of the cabins can accommodate eight to 12 people, and includes a toilet, shower, stove, refrigerator, dining table with chairs and beds. All of the sites are accessible by car, along dirt roads, weather permitting.

Prep fees don't include sleeping, bathing and dining accessories. Hikers must be pre-approved before arriving at the hut, at which time they'll be given a combination to the security lock boxes.

The huts are at the following locations:

Jacks Canyon. Ten miles northeast of Clints Well, this is the firm's northern-most cabin and is at a connecting point to the Arizona Trail.

Blue Ridge Reservoir. This secluded hut, located eight miles south of Jacks Canyon, boasts an unsurpassed view. It connects to the Arizona Trail, the Kinder Crossing, the Horse Crossing and other canyon areas.

Limestone Canyon. Quiet and picturesque, this remote cabin has access to several trails, including Victorine Crossing, Buck Springs and Yeager Canyon. Limestone Canyon is eight miles to the southeast.

East Verde River. This cabin has a view of the Rim from the balcony, and the East Verde River is just a short walk away. It is near an intersection between the Arizona Trail and the Highline Trail via the Colonel Devon Trail which connects the upper and lower Rim areas. The East Verde River site is 14 miles south of Blue Ridge Reservoir.

Ellison Creek. A secluded site with a panoramic view of the Rim and access to the Highline Trail and the Myrtle Trail that connects the upper and lower Rim areas.Ellison Creek is eight miles east of the East Verde River.

Christopher Creek. Features wooded privacy and access to the Highline Trail, See Canyon, Horton Creek and several other trails to the Woods Canyon Lake area.Christopher Creek is 10 miles east of Ellison Creek.This is the company's eastern-most site below the Rim.

The details

The time spent at any cabin is usually limited to three evenings; however, the sites available for extended-use periods are Limestone, Blue Ridge and Christopher Creek. Rental fees for the Ellison Creek cabin are $100 for the first night and $75 for nights two through seven. Fees for all other cabins are $100 for the first night and $75 for each additional night.

Cabin setup and closure includes security lock preparation, water and power turn on/off, cooking/dining accessories (pots, pans, dishes, etc.), removal of trash and cleanup. For an additional $10 per person, Terra Trek will provide pillows, pillow cases, sheets, blankets, bath towels, wash cloths and soap.

Contact Terra Trek by mail at P.O. Box 80972, Phoenix, AZ 85060-0972; by phone at (480) 429-6560; by fax at (480) 429-6580; by e-mail at terratrek@qwest.net; or visit their Internet website at www.terratrek.com.

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