Powder Puffs


Cinch Hook snowplay, one of the most popular sledding spots on the Mogollon Rim, has had an open-again, closed-again relationship with the public.

The area located at the intersection of Highway 87 and west Highway 260, north of Strawberry was closed in 1995 when the Forest Service lost its concessionaire.

The Forest Service fought many a battle over the next five years, trying to keep people out of the area due to liability issues. Its efforts did not meet with great favor from the public.

In February 2001, the Coconino National Forest reopened the snowplay to visitors Saturdays and Sundays. Only inflatable or plastic equipment was permitted.

Cinch Hook is expected to be available for sledders this winter when there is a measurable amount of snow.

Keep in mind, parking is limited, and the Highway Patrol does not hesitate to tow vehicles parked illegally on the side of the highway.

For further information, call the Blue Ridge Ranger Station at (928) 477-2255.

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