Q: What was Steve Bingham's point in the letter that appeared in the Roundup Tuesday? Did some incident precipitate it?

A: Bingham, whose letter differentiated between Paysonites and Paysonians, says it was all in fun.

"Look around us," he said. "We have a wonderful place to live with a lot of wonderful people. But every once in awhile, we start choosing sides and get upset with one another over ducks and things like that.

"Everybody seems to have all the answers, and I just wanted us to lighten up a bit to laugh at ourselves. It's a parody."

Q: I am watching the Payson Town Council meeting on Channel 7 and there is a lot of static. Why can't we get a clear signal.

A: The static you refer to was of the audio kind, according to KMOG's news director, Dan Haapala, who manned the camera Oct. 18, the meeting in question. The council took a break and something happened to the audio shortly after they came back.

Haapala thinks it occurred when Town Manager Rich Underkofler turned on his microphone and he further thinks the problem lies in the town's sound system, which both Channel 7 and KMOG tie into.

"Our feed comes directly off their main board," Haapala said.

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