Legalizing Drugs Is Not The Answer


Over the weekend, the Roundup received dozens of letters via e-mail criticizing Payson Police Officer Les Barr for his published guest comment supporting America's war on drugs.

These letters boast the benefits of legalizing drugs, while condemning all public monies spent to support anti-drug programs and enforce the laws.

Because all of the letters came from out of state, we will address their collective claim without publishing them.

It is our opinion that anyone who cannot see how drugs terrorize lives and can bring irreparable damage to families and communities is choosing to be ignorant to the consequences of drug use.

If their effects could be limited only to those who partake of them, the argument to legalize drugs may hold water. But this is clearly not the case.

Even if street drugs were legalized, that wouldn't change the impact they have on a user's rational thinking or the negative consequences they create. More often than not, when a person is under the influence of an illegal substance, they do not take responsibility for their actions, their families or their jobs. Some users may argue this claim, but the evidence is too powerful and common it's almost impossible to find a family or business that hasn't seen it first hand.

We cannot condone something we know is so powerfully dangerous and destructive no matter how many people think it's OK. There are times when a society must choose what it knows is right, and be willing to fight the inevitable battles.

We are grateful for the many soldiers who continue to press forward on this issue, whether they are parents, teachers, coaches or police officers like Les Barr.

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