Q: What's up with the Arizona Public Service electrical lines coming up McLane and going across Rim View? They're putting in big, fat metal poles and adding lines that are coming closer to residences. Over on Rim View they even have these things that look like electrical connectors that loop down and hold onto a couple lines and they look real sloppy.

A: It's all part of fulfilling APS's commitment "to providing residents in and around (the) Rim country with reliable service," APS Project Manager Jan Parsons said.

Because of rapid growth in the area, APS is building a new substation near Tonto Basin. The new poles along McLane will connect power from that substation to the Tonto substation located here in Payson.

"Also on these lines are new distribution lines which take power to our neighborhoods in Payson," Parsons said. "We're using the same routes as before, but adding taller poles because they are required to handle the higher 69 kv voltage.

Parsons said that when APS decided to put in the new substation, a line-sighting committee was formed that included residents of the affected neighborhoods.

"There were some alternative routes, but the overwhelming decision of the committee was to use the route followed by the existing lines and put in metal poles," she said.

The good news is that some of the clutter will soon be gone.

"The old, excess wire which is still on the poles will be removed," Parsons said. And once Qwest and Cablecom transfer their lines to the new poles, the old wood poles will also be removed.

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