Mayor Schum Decides Against Re-Election


by Ray Schum

mayor of Payson

As we approach another election year in Payson, various groups have already begun to recruit potential candidates, analyze campaign strategies and develop platforms for the race to come.

I realize that my decision to seek re-election to the office of mayor is of interest to many and for that reason, I wish to take this opportunity to announce my decision at this time.

I decided to become active in town government in the fall of 1995, based on a belief that it was time for Payson to focus on managed and controlled growth.

With the enactment of the 20 ERU limitation intended to conserve and protect our water supply, and the adoption of impact fees, I believe that growth has become manageable.

Furthermore, I firmly believe and will continue to believe that sound economic development policies will result in the creation of jobs and the re-circulation of payroll dollars throughout our town. This economic "engine" will translate into more and better goods and services for all of us who call Payson home and establish a sound economic base for those who follow. We have made significant progress in those areas.

I believe that many positive things have been accomplished by this council. In concert with our town staff, many past wishes have come to reality, such as our new library, new buildings in our town hall complex, the new fire station, major street and highway improvements, our event center and the construction of our Arizona Veterans Memorial.

Many more accomplishments have been achieved, which will contribute to our community and improve the quality of life for all our citizens.

The challenges were many and we met them with our combined expertise. Without a doubt, challenges will continue to be out there and we all must dedicate ourselves to support our town leaders in meeting them.

I came to office with a sincere desire to serve all the citizens of Payson and to make our community a better place to live and work. I can assure everyone that this has always been my intent.

Many factors were taken into consideration as I deliberated the matter and I have decided that I shall not seek re-election to the office of mayor. I believe that I have succeeded in the objectives that led me into the political arena, and I will now relinquish the reins of office and actively support those candidates who will continue down the path that I have upheld.

The citizens of Payson have bestowed a great honor on me by entrusting me to serve as your councilman and mayor.

Lee and I shall forever cherish the memories. I intend to remain active in our community, firmly rooted in the traditions of our past, acutely attuned to the world of today, and focused on a future of economic stability and a quality of life acceptable to all our citizens.

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