Credit For Kids? Let's Do It.



Now is not the normal time for most people to think about taxes, but like they say, "Death and Taxes are inevitable."

I agree, there is no way around death, we are all going to do it someday. As for taxes, most of us are going to do that too. However, we do have some options in Arizona, one being the right and ability to pay Arizona State Income Tax directly to public schools.

According to an article in the Aug. 10 Roundup by Mike Burkett, the amount of allowed contribution (for tax credit) is up to $250 per family, i.e. joint return. I understand it is still $200 for individual tax return.

So let's do it. Let's pay our Arizona State Income tax to public schools as much as possible. Let's finish the high school stadium, fix the track field areas, get some extra tutoring for kids having trouble with reading, math, spelling and science, and have some after-school music and dance. Let's do it.

If adults and seniors are really concerned about the kids we see after school and perhaps think "looking for trouble," we should be paying taxes to "Credit for Kids" to help provide for more after-school activities.

Payson population is in excess of 13,000 people. If 2,500 people contribute $200, there will be $500,000. Come on, let's do it.

To contribute Arizona State Income Tax directly to the school and activity of your choice, make check or money order payable to Payson USD Credit for Kids and mail to: PUSD Credit for Kids, 514 W. Wade Lane, Payson, AZ. 85541. Include your name and return address and a receipt will be sent to you for filing our Arizona State Income. Taxes paid to Credit for Kids must be paid before Dec. 31, 2001 to be claimed for the year 2001.

Doil E. Storie

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