Goose Valley Park? Goose Valley Park? Goose Valley Park?


Green Valley Goose Park?
Wasn't the Green Valley Park created for people?
I love animals, fish, fowl, whatever. I am neither a hunter or a fisherperson. I have absolutely nothing against those who do either one. But please, the geese have destroyed the turf that you used to sit on and enjoy the park. You cannot take a step near the water without stepping in goose excrement.
I cannot believe that there are those who could possibly complain about one or two dogs leaving anything around. How could you tell?
Geese can be vicious. They will attack a man, woman, or worse, a child, without provocation.
Maybe the town could have a "goose roundup" and an "adopt a goose" program. They make excellent (albeit very messy) watch pets. You won't have many visitors.
Please put your efforts into a more worthwhile cause, like helping needy children, or the Humane Society if animals are your preference.
Laurie Hughes

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