Payson's Early Visionaries Reflected Volunteer Spirit


by Hoby Herron


I was out of town last week and upon returning found Mr. Brown's guest comment: "Visionaries deserve our support" interesting. If we stop right there, I agree.

However, he went on to tell us how people with vision such as the Boardman brothers, Jim Deming, Grady Harrison, etc. built the original Main Street with their vision.

That is true and I wish that we again could find some of those with vision who could and would rebuild Main Street as they did it. With their own money and not the taxpayers' money. That is the type of vision we need and are looking for.

There is an old adage which time seems to have proven. If there is a need, private industry will fill it. I believe an extension of that should be, if there is no need only a want and public money is used to build it, then public money will be needed to support it. This too has been time proven.

Mr. Brown assumes that those who oppose the new Main Street have no vision. I will not speak for the others, but as for me, I have many great visions. One of which is the return to the original Constitution and it's original intent. There, you will find that there is protection from an overly powerful government, taking from one citizen to give to another.

One more thought I would like to leave you with. Back when Main Street was first developed, no one turned to the government for help when they got into difficulty. They managed on their own or with the help of friends. This country and the Town of Payson as a whole was built by self-reliant, self-supporting and self-controlled individuals.

Payson's early visionaries reflected the volunteer spirit and devotion that was born in the people themselves and brought to fruition through their own efforts and funds. This is the true meaning of community and cannot be replicated in government programs. We live in an era where government assumes all community improvement and direction flows from them to the people. This nation and Payson was built the other way around.

No, I am not against the improvement of Main Street businesses only against the use of tax money to facilitate it.

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