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Q: Several years ago Payson sold its CAP water rights to a Scottsdale developer. How much money did they realize and is there any left in the account?

A: The Central Arizona Project water rights were sold for $5.4 million, but after taxes, the town only got $4.3 million. The money is earmarked for the development of new water sources and there is about $2.5 million left, Public Works Director Buzz Walker said.

Incidentally, the town sold its CAP rights because it constituted water that existed in a canal in Phoenix.

"We had to find somebody with water in Payson to exchange," Walker said.

Diverting water from the East Verde River was the only logical solution for the town. When it developed into at least a four-part deal with Salt River Project, Phelps Dodge and the U.S. Forest Service all involved, it became too complicated to pull off.

On top of that, CAP required payment even if no water was being taken. After giving them a check for $47,000, the town decided to bail while it could still get something out of the deal. Every other community in a similar situation in Arizona eventually did the same thing, Walker said.

Q: What kind of experience do you have to have to get a job with The Door Stop, and when will they actually be putting people on the payroll?

A: The cabinet door manufacturing company that is moving to Payson from Chandler is holding an open house for job applicants from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday at 916 N. Chenault Parkway. Owner Jim Hill said experience means being able to run some very big machines the company uses. Realizing that it will be very difficult to find people with that kind of specific experience, Hill said what they are really hoping to find is people with initiative and drive.

"If they have those two qualities, they will advance in this company," he said.

As for when hiring decisions will actually be made, Hill said probably not until the company is a couple months away from moving.

"We want to disrupt people's lives as little as possible," he said. "While we would like to train our new hires (in Chandler) so we can hit the ground running when we get to Payson, we want to minimize the time people have to commute. We are also hoping to provide some type of bus or shuttle service between Payson and Chandler."

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