How Main Street Will Look



These out-of-towners want to make Main Street look like it did in "Pioneer" days. This picture shows it in 1908. Dirt street, wooden false-fronted stores and all. Pioneer "Babe" Haught (Zane Grey's Rim country guide) is standing in center of picture between wagon wheel tracks. (Picture of Babe, 1909-1988).

Are we going to tear up the paving on Main Street? Outlaw cars and bring in the horses?

We were told by Karen Greenspoon in the Payson Roundup for July 6 that we got our false-fronted store fronts from Western Movies, not from the pioneers! They didn't have western movies until long after 1908. The movies copied the pioneer towns later.

Let's keep Main Street as a commercial center and not compete with Payson North and the small stores. A coat of paint on some of the older buildings, and some tubs of flowers will do just fine.

Garwood and Eleanor Baybrook, Payson

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