Metcalf's Response Was Right On Target



Hurrah for Gordon Metcalf. His response to Dave Engleman, Jack Jasper and Jim Matych of the Citizens Unawareness Committee was a laser-guided missile that hit the bull's eye.

Gordon has exposed the CAC membership's efforts to camouflage their real agenda, which isn't about water, but is about stopping all growth and economic development.

The CAC membership is full of Phoenicians, Tusconites and Californians, just like most of Payson's population, who moved to live in the Rim country. These transplants, however, want to shut the door on everybody else who wants to live in Payson.

Keep up the good work, Gordon. You represent the vast majority of Payson's citizens who are looking forward and not in the rearview mirror.

Jim Buettner, Retiree, Payson

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