Move Forward; Ignore The Petitions



Why in the world would the Payson Town Council give any credence to the illegal and misleading petitions that the Citizens Awareness Committee are collecting? The petition demands a moratorium on all new building permits in Payson. Not only is the petition illegal as to form, but the collectors are making untruthful, misleading and absurd statements to potential petition signers which is against Arizona State Law.

Since there is no demonstrated emergency (tanks have all been full all summer) and since the Town of Payson's water report safe yield limits (which has an additional 20 percent safety cushion) have not been reached, the town would certainly face legal consequences for such action. The lawsuits from lot owners, builders, real estate companies and developers would certainly result in the town paying huge amounts for damages. The courts would then overturn the moratorium and we would be back at square one.

I think it would be much better to invest our money and time in finding new water outside of the Town limits on private property. Exploration for water in the Tonto National Forest will clearly involve environmental challenges, is too costly and time-consuming.

Councilmembers, please remember the last election when four progressive (candidates) crushed the CAC candidates in the primary election. You received a mandate to make tough decisions for us and not to give credibility to petition-waving regressive citizens or folks that live outside of Payson.

Make the decisions to move forward on private property and ignore the illegal CAC petition.

Sandra Litkenhaus, Payson

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