Town Needs An Animal Control Officer Now



I have been tempted to write this letter for quite awhile. The article in Friday Sept. 7 paper about the county leash laws made up my mind.

Why don't we have an animal control person in town?

I live west of the airport and the barking dogs situation has become out of control. The neighbors' boxer woke me up this morning before 5 a.m. and barks all hours of the day and late into the night. The owner is on his porch, smoking and coughing up a lung. I know he hears the dog, but takes no action.

The people to the west of me let their dogs bark continuously, never telling them to stop. The people to the north of me have big dogs that have barked, literally, for two days solid.

There is not much the police can do. The dispatcher told me there is a "list" they go by; "the dogs must have been barking continually for two hours straight, must not be barking etc, etc, etc., the officers must be able to hear them from their vehicle."

I watched one officer drive by with his windows up, did not stop, and then reported he did not hear the dogs.

The next day another officer, Dean Faust, did stop, did hear the dogs, did cite the owners. Bless him. I do not blame the animals, it is the owners responsibility to control the noise.

Are these people deaf or really that insensitive? What is a person to do? The neighbors who control their dogs barking and the neighbors who do not have dogs, have discussed this aggravation to great lengths. Is civil action the answer?

When Bonnie Davis was working, at least she would follow up on complaints. I ask the Town Hall to please hire an animal control officer to help us out.

Sandra Mason, Payson

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