Single-Issue Candidates Should Not Run For Office



After reading via Internet some of the letters you recently received, it seems the obstructionist (negatives) are still barking.

Having conversation with a few before my journey amazes me. They do not realize who they are. The functionalist (positives) keep doing things beneficial for the town. The other folks wake up every morning shouting water, water, water. Then they add too much caffeine and are hyper all day talking about water, water, more water.

It appears some write ghost letters and sign their spouses name or add their spouses name as a security blanket. Now that's class or crass?

Some folks are promoting themselves for political office in their usual negative fashion saying, "No, I don't want to run" at the same time trying to garner self-ego massage, patting their own posture claiming "everybody wants me to run."

Wonder who everybody is?

One of our recent illustrious number one politicians made history questioning what "is" is. Some folks are scratching for one intelligent thought and pronounce themselves as qualified watch dogs claiming "we are watching."

Hopefully, single issue, sensitive types will not run for political office. Pre-qualification to running should be reading of Webster's definition of politics and politician.

Anthony J. Alfano


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