'Sophisticated' Plan Was Pure Barbarism


It's odd how the mind works under the crushing weight of a trillion questions which may never be answered, or for which no answers may exist.

Perhaps it is some sort of mental self-defense mechanism against pain and sorrow that my mind keeps returning to a question of logic rather than one of emotion or casualties or levels of human suffering.

Whatever the case, one question won't go away.

Nearly every commentator and expert and talking face on view this week has used the phrase "highly sophisticated" to describe the plan which led to the deadliest attack on the U.S. mainland in modern history.

How much brainy sophistication does it take to scan airplane schedules, to pick four flights departing at roughly the same time, to purchase tickets with a credit card, and to pack knives and box cutters in some carry-on luggage?

How much sophistication does it take to steer an already-airborne jetliner into a gigantic building which even the most sophisticated experts have admitted could be done by anyone with a half-hour of the most rudimentary flight training?

One of the hijacking suspects' rental cars contained a video which, based on descriptions, could have been titled, "How to Fly a Commercial Jetliner." Now, really. How sophisticated is that?

How sophisticated is it to suppose that planes intending to travel cross-country would be carrying the most fuel and, therefore, the most bang for the buck?

How sophisticated is it to assume that, if you wanted to really damage a skyscraper, you should smack it in its center?

A partial answer might be that it is much easier for those paid to protect this country from terrorists to use the phrase "highly sophisticated" as their excuse for failing to prevent the murder of thousands of Americans, or to even see it coming.

But the plan itself? Pure barbarism.

Mike Burkett, Roundup Staff Reporter

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