Tribe's Donation Proof Of Their 'Good Neighbor' Policy


I would like to comment on Max Foster's story of July 31 concerning the Tonto Apache's surprising and generous contribution of money towards an all-weather track for high school and middle school. $150,000 will go a long way towards getting this project done. They have once again shown what it means to be a good neighbor. This is significant proof of their right to have an important place in the affairs of this town. The Tonto Apache tribe has not always been treated as equal citizens of our town and that is a shame.

Right now there is, or was, a movement by some citizens who live near their small community who want to deny them an additional portion of land because it backs up to their property. I read their reasons last year and it is of pure racist intent on their part.

The old red herring of lost property value has no place in this community. It gets tiresome seeing the "haves" using this issue to deny other people the right to have a decent place to live.

Howard E. Haggins


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