What's Up?


Q: Why did Town of Payson employees recently pave Graham Ranch Road in front of Jack Jasper's house? That's the only section they paved. What's the deal? Is he paying for it?

A: "First of all," said Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett, "we did not pave the road. What we did was put down some asphalt millings because that corner is a very dusty section and it hurts the environment. There's a lot of traffic there."

The millings came from Highway 87, where the Arizona Department of Transportation has been removing several inches of asphalt in areas where the road is in particularly bad shape. Garrett says ADOT gave the millings to the town.

"Anytime anybody rips up asphalt in town, we'll take the millings," he said. "But what we're doing isn't paving. It's more like gravel without dust."

ADOT is doing the work preparatory to laying a half-inch of rubberized asphalt on the Beeline from the south end of Payson all the way to Pine.

Q: Why is the Chevron station on Highway 260 gouging us by raising prices 10 cents a gallon right after the terrorist attacks? They were the only place in town that raised their prices.

A: Ted Dunlap of Dunlap Oil, the company that owns the local Chevron, says he will not comment on prices other than to say, "It's supply-related." He also said Woody's Exxon raised their prices too. Mary Scott, manager of Woody's, says that's not true.

"Our prices are exactly the same as they were before the attacks," she said.

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