Thank You, Mayor, For Positive Leadership



Mayor Ray Schum's recent decision to not seek re-election was a recent topic in the Roundup's guest commentary.

I want to be among the first to thank him for his service for Payson. While I cannot say I agreed with the mayor on every issue, I can say I respect the man and appreciate his positive leadership.

When Mr. Schum initially took office as a councilman in 1996, he was part of a council that had a majority of anti-growth and regressive leaders. He quickly asserted himself as a balanced and reasonable leader who demonstrated fairness in decision-making. He has been neither anti-growth, nor pro-growth, but rather pro-Payson.

As mayor, Mr. Schum has been consistent in his sincere and honest demeanor as a servant to the people.

Service and sacrifice is nothing new to Mr. Schum, who served our nation in the military during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. His service to Payson may have seemed just as hazardous with the lack of civility he has endured from his detractors.

Best wishes to you, Mr. Mayor, and sincere appreciation from the vast majority of citizens who elected you.

Kate Linde


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