Ukrainians Remember Who Came To Their Aid



Thanks for the information you provide on the Internet.

The people here in the Ukraine have great sorrow for us Americans. I have overwhelming disbelief myself and find it impossible to comprehend. All those innocents souls called to God before their time.

What was proven? Are we to be tested again?

The worse thing, I learned along time ago, is not to disturb a peaceful tiger.

We are hurting and our grievance will last to the end of our days. We are a great nation who has always helped those in need.

I am in the country of Chernobyl and they remember who immediately came to their aid.

I was asked last week why I volunteer for assignments like this. I collected my thoughts for a moment and said, "Maybe I do it to honor the blood shed by Americans during WWII, my uncles, and the innocent people who went to the concentration camps to die like animals; hoping there will be peace for our children and grandchildren."

The big events will not be about killing and hurt, but culture sharing, about education, how to make things better, baseball, soccer, and even small towns.

God Bless America.

Anthony J. Alfano


(Editors note: Payson resident Tony Alfano is on assignment in the Ukraine, working to help third-world countries rebuild businesses.)

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