What's Up?


Q: To whom or where do the proceeds go from the new Goodwill store? I hear they're just split between employees. Is that true?

A: Absolutely not, according to Brenda Obregon, assistant manager of the new Payson Goodwill store. Donated items are processed for resale by Goodwill employees, many of whom have disabilities or other disadvantages. They are then resold in a Goodwill store like the one in Payson, which provides jobs and career training to other people with disabilities or disadvantages. The income generated by stores is channeled into Goodwill's training and employment programs. More than 84 percent of Goodwill's total revenues go into job training and other community services.

But that's not the case with all thrift stores. Some are operated by for-profit companies, and sometimes as little as five percent of the money generated actually goes to the charity. To make sure your donations are doing the most possible good, get the answers to these questions:

Will your donation be used to support a cause you believe in?

What percentage of the revenues generated by your donation will directly support the mission of the organization?

Does the charity actually operate the thrift store in which your donation will be sold? Or is the store run by a for-profit operation?

If the store is run by a for-profit, how will your donation help people in need?

For more information, check out the brochures on the table just inside the door at the Goodwill store. Obregon says the store also has a continuous loop video running constantly on a big screen television that explains how Goodwill operates.

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