Action, Reflection Will Make Tragedy More Meaningful


by Kenneth P. Murphy


In light of the horrendous tragedy that occurred Sept. 11, I would like to pass on some thoughts. First, I hope that everyone reflects on the value of human life and how quickly it may be taken away from us. The underlying cause of this tragedy is hate. So, can we not all look a little deeper for the caring spirit inside each of us and share it a little more with our co-workers and neighbors? Can we not learn from this tragedy to make the world around us a little more peaceful with acts of kindness above and beyond anyone's expectations in our daily lives?

Secondly, the economic devastation that has occurred and will continue to occur will affect us all even in Payson. Already, thousands of people have lost their jobs nationwide. Local businesses are affected today. Some may close and employees will lose their jobs. The domino effect of this is dire in its scope and impact on all of our lives. Therefore, appreciate your job. Look forward to coming to work.

Third, the American people must maintain the will and the desire to fight. Every time our embassies have been attacked, every time a hostage is taken or killed, every time soldiers have lost their lives due to terrorist attacks, the media shows the carnage. Immediately, public opinion weakens. The government then orders the troops to withdraw in shame. The terrorists know this better than we do. That is why they planned and implemented their attacks without fear. They may still believe we do not have the resolve to make them atone for their acts. So, we must stay the course and maintain the spirit of freedom and sacrifice that is freedom's cost. Freedom has never been free.

And finally, share. Share you time, share your blood, share your commitment to this country, or your money. Do what you can to help not just now in time of crisis for the rest of your life. Join the Army Reserve, the Naval Reserve, the Arizona National Guard (Air or Army), the Coast Guard, etc., to serve your country.

If nothing else, America represents opportunity. The opportunity for education, wealth, political office, and security have been unsurpassed by any other country. Simply put become a better citizen. Be involved with local organizations or local, state and federal offices. And if you cannot do any of these things, simply be a better parent. Instill in your children a sense of patriotism and citizenship. Teach them the sacrifices made by others that allows them to be free. Tell them you are proud to be an American tell them why.

If we can reflect and do these things, then the sacrifice of these several thousand American citizens would mean something. And, ultimately, Payson and the world will be a better place.

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