Mccain Recall Effort Dropped



On Monday, Sept. 17, due to the tragic events at the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, the Recall Sen. John McCain Committee decided to halt our petition campaign. The chairman's statement can be read at

We wish to extend our thanks to those alert citizens who signed a petition. Hearing "Thanks for doing this!" was especially heartwarming.

To the dozens of people who took petitions home to get signatures on their own, the ones who wrote and called for petitions, we feel a special gratitude.

Never did any of us think our point would be made through terrorist attacks on our soil that point being that our legislators are sworn to "protect and defend" us. For the most part, they failed. But, of late, Sen. McCain has voiced strong words in support of our nation and President Bush, thus we will honor his current stance.

Arizona volunteers have not disbanded; we remain united and ever vigilant, and will continue to monitor Sen. McCain's legislative bills and Senate votes.

God bless America!

Jerry and Pat Parker


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