Payson Could Get "Short End Of The Stick"



While the Town Council voted 7-0 to endorse Mayor Schum's county supervisor redistricting plan, it is doubtful our proposal will ever be approved by the existing Gila County supervisors.

Our plan would provide Payson and the northern half of the county the representation it deserves based on the previous decade's population shift.

Having two "urban" supervisors (one for Payson/Star Valley and one for Globe/Miami) and one "rural" supervisor (for the remainder of the county), in my opinion, is the right thing to do.

The problem we face is that folks from Globe and points south developed the other plans under consideration. Those plans will continue to allow the southern portion of the county to remain in control with two supervisors versus only one from the north. This, in spite of the past decade of northern Gila County's tremendous growth and loss of population in southern Gila County.

I seem to remember the term "gerrymander" from my high school civics class many years ago. Webster's definition explains gerrymandering as follows: "To divide a state, county, etc., into election districts in an unnatural and unfair way to give a political party an advantage over its opponent."

Yes, the redistricting of Gila County is a Democrat versus Republican issue, and the citizens of northern Gila County are going to get the short end of the stick for another decade unless we make our voices heard.

Blair Meggitt

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