Door Stop A "Step In The Right Direction"



I was pleased to see the Door Stop Job Fair was such an overwhelming success with over 200 locals applying for the 60 good jobs Jim Hill is bringing to Payson.

Now with construction plans moving forward with a local contractor, it certainly appears the town council's decision to sell 4.5 acres of town-owned property at Sky Park to Mr. Hill was the right thing to do.

I especially want to give credit to Mayor Schum and Vice Mayor Wolfe for their commitment and hard work in getting Door Stop to site in Payson. They worked as a team with Scott Flake of the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation, and together were able to consummate the deal.

When Door Stop begins operations, another step will be taken in the right direction to diversify our local labor market and improve working peoples' standard of living.

Russell Judd


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