Focusing On Positive Best Way To Heal America


by Nan Small


After the shock of the unimaginable started to wear off and the reality set in, I think many of us certainly myself were feeling great sorrow, massive confusion and overwhelming fear. After the horrendous and unrelenting images the media continually fed us, it is certainly understandable that the first thought one has in the morning is that of bin Laden and the last picture one sees in their mind before going to sleep is a plane barreling into the side of the World Trade Center.

These events have rocked the very core of our everyday life.

And what of tomorrow? The past few days have been trying, at the very least, and the next few days promise to be equally trying, if not downright challenging. The magnitude of these attacks is unprecedented in modern history, therefore so will be the response.

Life has and will continue to be different for us. But is that bad? We will always live in fear? Is our very existence threatened?

I am grateful to the minister of the church I attended Sunday for sharing his private reflections on the situation, and by reminding us that violence begets violence and neither side will ever understand or feel any attacks on them were justified. In realizing and understanding this, I have to worry about what the answer is to their aggressions.

Reflecting on this, I realize that the answer is not up to me, nor should it be. We must trust the people we picked to lead this nation, as well as the leaders of the majority of the other large countries throughout the world, as it is in everyone's best interest to work together to safeguard the world against such aggressors.

We are not the only ones living with fear. The nations in which these frightening people come from are full of people who are filled with even more terror than us. They are afraid of their own and of what this group of grossly misguided militants has brought upon them.

I pray for them as I pray for all of us that this will end as swiftly, peaceable, and effectively as possible.

In the meantime I have found that focusing on the positive is the best way to heal and meet these new everyday challenges. Instead of dwelling on the unfathomable number of people who died at the World Trade Center, I have chosen to focus on the great number of people who miraculously survived the tragedy. Instead of worrying about our loss of liberty and what sacrifices we might have to make in the future, I have chosen to look forward to a better way of life. One in which people take more time to participate and society as a whole takes better care of each other.

I think the best thing all of us can do for those who have perished at the hands of those fanatics is to remember that they did not die solely in vain, but their death has helped bring about a revolution which will end in a safer and better life for their family, friends and future generations.

God bless them all.

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