Town Took A Tip From Gillette?



The founder of the Gillette Corporation, Kin Gillette, built his empire using pretty much the same device that the Town

Payson uses in its ever-growing budget to provide ever-increasing services for an ever-expanding group of real estate developments. Gillette may well have invented the safety razor, but he built his fortune by selling the blades the continually-needed, regularly-used-up items for an expanding population of shaving men.

While the Town does have sizeable income from a large number of one-time items (building permits, sewer attachments, etc.), its real income comes from the recurrent fees for regularly-used-up items, such as distributed ground water. Seeing ground water as "raw material" contributing to the Town's fiscal security may add yet one more dimension to its vigorously seeking additional sources of water (currently a serious controversy).

While "more" may be the traditional solution for the fiscal equation, some persons writing on this page (Dan Adams, for example) have described other approaches. And their solutions may be much more readily (and perhaps safely) available.

Carroll M. Elmore


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