Water Petition Calls For Rational Discussion



May I comment at some length about the hue and cry raised by a goodly number of letters-to-the-Editor readers railing against the water petition being circulated by a multitude of private citizens?

Obviously, none of the anti-petition letter writers had any training in any of the Earth sciences, as their comments were derogatory in nature rather than discussing rationally that Payson's water department and engineer 'think' that there may be a good and deep aquifer in the Mayfield Canyon area. Please note the word "may."

And, I believe that any geological company would be the first to admit that mother nature can be very difficult to interpret at times. And, you do not know for sure until your diamond drill hits that longed-for aquifer.

And, as an afterthought, Stratus Consulting in Boulder, Colo. has just released its latest analysis of water resources in the United States in the coming years, and the situation in the Southwest (including Arizona) looks very bleak.

So, please don't waste water. Increasingly a very scarce commodity.

C.H. Henline

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