We Need Unity, Not Disunity



This is a rebuttal to Don Castleman's letter (March 26 Roundup).

Don appears to want to further divide our fine town into opposing camps. While several of our candidates for office were recently advocating unity, Don is calling names and trying to put the blame on retirees, ex-Californians, or just people who don't agree with him.

In mentioning the street bond issue, which would have improved a few selected streets, he alludes to the idea that they probably didn't support this bond because of taxes. But he forgets the main reason for the bond issue was the fact that the recent town councils had neglected a comprehensive street improvement program.

When Don talks about helping the youth, one gets the idea that mainly service clubs, such as the Rotary, have done the most to help youth in this town. Not only service clubs care about our youth, but consider the many churches with youth programs, our tax-supported Payson recreational programs, and the local scouting programs.

Further, he mentions about new business development, but he says nothing about local businesses that have failed. Let's help the ones that are here right now. That's more of a priority.

Lastly, some of us are for slow growth because of the uncertainty of our water supply and being surrounded by very dry forest lands. So, Don, climb out of your castle, man, and help bring this town together. We want unity not disunity.

Bill Michaelis, Payson

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