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Q: I heard that a police officer's dog got out of its yard last week and bit a child, then later, at the humane society, bit a worker.

A: There was a dog that escaped its yard and it did bite a child, and the dog owner shared the same last name as a police officer, but it was not the same family. The dog owner, by the way, did take the dog to the humane society to have it put to sleep, where it did bite another person. The Roundup and the humane society workers feel the dog owner acted responsibly in this case.

Q: Will the new Brake Masters going up at Airport Road and the Beeline Highway push up the date for a traffic signal to be installed at that dangerous intersection?

A: Not likely, according to ADOT's Randy Blake.

"The new Brake Masters surely won't have that much traffic," he said. "We studied that intersection for signal warrants in 2001 and none of the warrants were met. I don't expect the brake shop to change the warrants."

Blake also disagrees that it's a dangerous intersection.

"In fact, the signal study from last year shows that there was only one accident that was preventable with a traffic signal."

Q: What's being built next to the Frozen Cow?

A: Jim and Tami McCloud, owners of Big Bear Antiques, are putting up the new building. When it's completed, hopefully by May, it will include four commercial rental spaces in front and two storage facilities in the back. Tami's dream is to create a mini-antiques mall.

"Some people have already said they want to move in," she said. "The Cottage, which is now on Main Street, has already committed."

With the Carpenter's Wife and the Basket Case already in the area, along with two restaurants, she believes the nucleus is already in place for a "little antiques center."

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